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Your insurance company works for you, understand your rights.

Since the government compels you to buy insurance if you want to legally drive a vehicle, you need to understand your rights as the insured. Because of that government compulsion, you are often left with an inability to negotiate insurance contracts. You are held hostage to whatever premium you are offered, derived from a hidden underwriting algorithm utilized and created by insurance companies. When the government requires you to pay for any business service, it obliterates the consumer’s power to negotiate. Insurance companies have been blessed with government mandated widespread wealth and power beyond belief. Like many Coloradoans, this environment has probably caused you to lose sight of what insurance is meant to be.

Let us remind you: at the most fundamental level, insurance is intended to protect you from unforeseen calamities and provide you peace of mind. In exchange for your hard-earned money, insurance companies promise to deliver you safety.

When you are hurt in an automobile wreck, there is an emerging acceptance of the poor behavior displayed by insurance adjusters. Adjusters (often sitting at a desk in another state) that are very well versed in applicable law, will intentionally make offers that are inconsistent with the law. They will take statements from you before they should. They will ‘re-price’ the bills you incur, offering to pay only greatly reduced amounts; leaving you to contend with bill collectors. They will presume you are lying about your injuries and compel you to prove your case, publicly, to a jury of your peers. They will delay payment of your claim, while they earn interest on the money sitting in their account. They will tell you what doctors you should and should not see.

Our judges and our lawmakers have created laws that level the playing field for you and, although insurance companies will default to acting like those laws do not exist, they cannot hide from the rules of the game as long as you choose to hold them accountable.

Allow us to champion your rights. Let us fight the battles that insurance companies unfairly thrust upon you. Let us remind them who they work for, give us a call at Maher and Maher Law 719-301-7500