Property Offenses in Colorado Springs



It may be the difference maker in your case.

In El Paso County, there are many kinds of property offenses. They include arson, burglary, robbery, criminal mischief, theft, and trespass. Property crimes span from the lowest level misdemeanor to high-level felony offenses under Colorado law. Many times, the classification of the offense will depend on the amount of damage or loss to the property. Even though this amount can often times determine the level of crime you are charged with, law enforcement officers ask alleged victims to simply guess as to how much monetary damage they think occurred in the incident. Maher & Maher Law will dedicate the time and resources needed to present the most accurate calculation on your behalf and be sure you are not overcharged because of a guess.

In Colorado, restitution is an important issue in property crimes. Restitution is the payment for the items that were allegedly damaged, lost, or stolen in the event. Restitution may be very clear in some cases but can also become a very complex calculation in others. Joe Maher has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and is familiar with the Colorado restitution statute and the requirements it sets out. Maher & Maher Law will use this education and expertise to ensure you don’t pay more than you should be required by law to pay.

If you have been charged with any sort of property crime or misdemeanor, contact Maher & Maher Law, PC and we will help to evaluate your case. We don’t take the prosecution’s restitution amount for granted, we will independently evaluate and investigate if necessary to be sure that restitution is fair in your case. Contact us or give us a call today at 719-301-7500


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