Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Colorado Springs



Insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith with their policyholders. This means that you pay the premiums, and you should get the benefits if something is to happen without getting the runaround. Of course, not all insurance companies are bad. But some take advantage of their policyholders and unreasonably delay, discount, or deny their policyholders’ claims for compensation.

When an insurance company unreasonably delays, depreciates, or denies a policy holder’s claim, that is called “insurance bad faith,” “breach of insurer’s duty of good faith,” or simply “unfair trade practices.” Insurance bad faith could be as simple as your insurance company refusing to contact you or promptly investigate your claim.

Some signs that your insurance company may be committing bad faith:

  • The insurance company delays, discounts, or denies payments without a reasonable basis for the delay, discount, or denial. For instance, your insurance company my depreciate labor on a homeowner’s policy claim. Or the insurance company may deny your claim without stating a reason for the denial. Or your insurance company may simply refuse to respond to your claim promptly.
  • The insurance company fails to affirm or deny coverage of claims within a reasonable time after receiving the claim and proof of loss.
  • The insurance company fails to do a proper, prompt, and thorough investigation as to damages and liability, and determines coverage does not apply based on the improper investigation.
  • The insurance company harasses or uses intrusive or demeaning investigation methods and procedures.
  • The insurance company wrongfully threatens not to pay the claim.
  • The insurance company attempts to settle the claim for a very small amount, smaller than what would ever be considered reasonable.
  • The insurance company advises you not to hire a lawyer.
  • The insurance company retaliates after the policy holder makes a claim by unreasonably increasing premiums or canceling policies.
  • The insurance company fails to promptly settle a claim where liability is reasonably clear.
  • The insurance company misrepresents pertinent facts or insurance policy provisions relating to the coverage at issue.

The attorneys at Maher & Maher Law can evaluate your claim and determine whether you have a claim of bad faith against an insurance company. Other law firms may glaze over this area of law but we find it to be particularly helpful to our clients and always consider whether the have this type of claim. If so, the damages the client may be entitled to can be three times the original amount sought. That makes this type of claim not only important for your recovery but also can send an important message to the insurance companies regarding their behavior during the pendency of your claim.


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