Office Manager

Audrey is our front office manager, and she will be your first point of contact with our office. Audrey will complete the on-boarding process with our firm which includes setting up communications with our clients and establishing a client file in our office system, CLIO. Audrey also handles all in office payments and streamlines the court appearance process for our clients by ensuring they are notified of all court appearances. You will always be informed thanks to Audrey! She ensures our office operations run smoothly and we are so grateful for her organizational skills and her superior people skills.

Audrey grew up as a child in the Airforce and has a long line of service men and women in her family. She moved around a lot while she was growing up. She got to live in some awesome places while she was going up. She still loves to spend time in the Virginia Beach area with her family now making memories from her childhood. Audrey has called Colorado home for most of her life and graduated from Liberty High School in Colorado Springs. Audrey is happily married and mother to 3 amazing children. She enjoys going to the Zoo, Water World, the movies, and most of all enjoying her friends and family at get-togethers.


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