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The breathalyzer test is familiar to most everyone as the most common way to determine blood alcohol level and driving impairment. But while it is the most common testing method, is it the most accurate?  Can you trust Breathalyzer results?

Technology is only as accurate as the equipment itself – and the people operating it and administering the tests. If you are suspected of drunk or impaired driving, it’s critical to have the right DUI attorney in your corner who can ask tough questions about the equipment itself as well as the law enforcement personnel who maintain the equipment and administer the tests. Your professional Colorado DUI attorney will fight for your rights when it comes to malfunctioning equipment and bad actors and ensure you have the best defense to help secure the best outcome for your case.

Here are several examples of breathalyzers (and law enforcement personnel) gone wrong.

More than 27,000 defendants in Massachusetts were notified that from 2014-2017 their DUI cases had been impacted by faulty breathalyzer machines. Issues ranged from incorrect calibration and maintenance from law enforcement officials to faulty machines to improper use and administration of tests. ALL of those defendants may have been unfairly convicted through the use of incorrect test results. These cases would not have been reconsidered and overturned if not for the hard work of a professional DUI attorney.

In Phoenix, a DUI officer is accused of using tactics and language to disadvantage suspects in DUI cases. He repeatedly and inaccurately identified “witnesses” as “victims” which prevented DUI defense attorneys from interviewing them as part of the discovery process. Additionally, he wrote reports that incorrectly reported material facts of the cases as well as was reported to be rude and use excessive force. The investigation is ongoing but these behaviors could have the effect of intimidating witnesses and subjects and inhibiting their rights to a fair trial.

In New Jersey, one trooper’s calibration mistake invalidated more than 18,000 tests. That is a significant number of cases that should never have made it to court in the first place. A highly professional, experienced Colorado DUI attorney, might be able to challenge these results and avoid going to court and have the case dismissed.

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The attorneys of Maher & Maher are highly experienced Colorado DUI attorneys and have a successful track record of defending suspected drunk drivers. They know the limitations of breathalyzer test results and know how to fight to ensure that invalid results are blocked or dismissed as evidence. Former prosecutors, they understand the law enforcement and judicial systems and know how to resolve drunk driving cases successfully. Their commitment to their clients shows in their track record and the testimonials and referrals they receive from past clients. Schedule a free consultation with Maher & Maher at (719) 301-7500 to see how they can help deliver the most successful outcome to your case.