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In Colorado, a second DUI conviction means you are two steps closer to committing a felony. You can still be charged with a felony crime if your first, second, or even third DUI had left someone with serious bodily injury. If the first or second offense did not cause harm, you might still face mandatory jail time if your blood alcohol content is 0.2 or higher.

The penalties for a second DUI in Colorado maybe tougher than the first. The District Attorney and the Judge will review your driving record and will be aware of any prior convictions, both in Colorado and in other states.

Your driver’s license can be revoked for 12 months or at least two years if you refuse to take a blood or breath test after the arrest. After you have been cited or arrested for DUI, the defendant or their lawyer has at least 7 days to request a DMV hearing to try to keep your driver’s license from being revoked.

Failure to request a DMV hearing within 7 days can result in an automatic revocation of your driver’s license. There may be alternatives that can be considered such as the judge allowing you to drive, under the condition that you install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. The interlock device requires the driver of the car to breathe into it, and the engine will only start if their breath is 100% free from alcohol.

Other penalties may include up to 4 years of probation and up to 120 hours of community service. You will also be required to take alcohol education classes. On top of those things, jail time for a second DUI in Colorado can last from 10 days to a year.

Note that once someone is arrested for a second DUI, they maybe classified by the court as a persistent drunk driver or a repeat offender.

It’s crucial to find an experienced DUI lawyer because they can find any legal or factual issues in your case. An experienced DUI lawyer will work on your behalf to convince the District Attorney and the Court that other sentencing option may be in your best interest. They can work to develop a sentence for you that will allow you to go to school, work, or a medical facility.

This is only a general take on the possible penalties for a second DUI conviction. Please remember that each case is different and will very much depend on the complexity of the facts, legal issues, and your lawyers experience in handling these types of cases.


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