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A DUI conviction can alter one’s life. Apart from paying large fines and the possibility of jail time, a person who has been convicted may also struggle to keep or find a job, especially if it requires a drivers’ license.

So, when you find yourself charged with DUI, you should act immediately and find a DUI defense attorney in Colorado Springs right away. A good lawyer can not only reduce the likelihood of a jail sentence but also possibly get the case dismissed. But how will you know if a DUI attorney is a great one? Here are three qualities you should look for:


Offers Free Consultation

Being charged for DUI can be really stressful and may leave you clueless about knowing what to do next. But, you should keep in mind that you don’t have to face this alone. Look for a DUI lawyer that offers afree consultation.

During these rough times, an attorney that charges a consultation fee to their clients may just add more stress on your plate. An experienced DUI lawyer that truly cares for their clients will be willing to listen and discuss your situation free of charge.


Has Been a Former Prosecutor

You want to be defended by a DUI lawyer who has also been a prosecutor, especially if your situation is much more complex. An attorney who has such a background knows how prosecutors work and what prosecutors will ask or look for in a trial.

They will know right away what things could be used against you and conceptualize a strong strategy to counter those pieces of evidence. A lawyer who has been a former prosecutor isn’t just knowledgeable about the ins and outs of DUI laws in Colorado Springs but can also represent your case much more confidently than those who don’t have the same experience.


Is Based on Your Local Area

You should not hire a lawyer who is based out of a different city or state to handle your case. DUI laws can vary from one city or state to another, and an out-of-state attorney might not be familiar with the particular DUI laws and regulations in your area. So it’s always better to hire someone that practices within your state and county.

Through the years of handling various DUI cases, an in-state attorney already knows the judges, prosecutors, and jury in the courtroom very well. Apart from that, a locally-based lawyer has also built a steady reputation in the area, so you can easily ask around if many people recommend them or not.


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