Driving under the influence (DUI) is taken very seriously in Colorado. Even if a driver was charged in another state, that record would be most likely be brought up in court if they have been arrested again for the same offense in Colorado.

So, how exactly will a DUI conviction change one’s life? Here’s what people need to know:


Higher Insurances Rates

Owning a car requires auto or car insurance. Once an individual has been convicted, the insurance provider may choose to charge higher premiums, which is the amount one has to pay to insure a vehicle.


Ruin Employment or Academic Opportunities

Finding a job, especially one that requires driving, will be a struggle. If you are a student, a DUI conviction can affect your financial aid or even be a reason for universities to turn down their application.

Also, you may not be able to drive to work, school, or any other place since your license may be suspended or revoked just because you have been charged with driving under the influence.


Losing a Job

If you are a teacher, truck driver, athlete, pilot, or member of the military, you run a serious risk of losing your job over a DUI conviction in Colorado. This may have a resounding impact on your family life, finances, and even future career aspirations. Moreover, this can be tougher for those who are breadwinners and have a family member who is seriously ill.


Lose Child Custody and Visitation Rights

A DUI conviction can also be rough for people who are fighting for a child custody case since the opposing party may use the charge against them.


A conviction can really change one’s life. But, these consequences can be avoided if the charges can be dropped altogether. And the only way to do that is to hire a well-experienced Colorado DUI attorney.


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