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During this stressful time, you may opt to hire any lawyer that comes to mind or shows up in your search engine results. But if you want to have a better chance at getting your DUI charges dismissed, you should get an attorney that has enough knowledge and experience in handling DUI cases. Here’s a guide on how to choose a DUI attorney:

Do Your Research

Start your research by looking for lawyers who have spent years practicing criminal defense, particularly driving under the influence cases. Take your time scrolling through their websites. Read client testimonials or reviews and make a list of the lawyers who you think are qualified to represent your case.

An example of a good attorney to look for is one that has prosecutorial experience. Hiring a DUI lawyer who was a former prosecutor is a huge advantage for your case, especially if your situation is more complex. An attorney who has such a background knows how prosecutors work and what they will ask or look for in a trial.

Take Advantage of Free Legal Consultations

Look for a DUI lawyer that offers a free consultation. An experienced attorney who truly cares for their clients will be willing to listen and discuss your situation free of charge. You may opt to see them in person or give them a call for your initial consultation. After the meeting, take note of the lawyer you felt the most comfortable with about the details of your case or who you thought was better in answering your questions.

Be Mindful of the Legal Costs

While most law firms offer free consultations, getting an attorney to handle your case will definitely come with a price. The cost of hiring a DUI lawyer in Colorado can vary depending on their years of experience and the size of their firm. But when choosing an attorney, keep in mind that just because one lawyer charges more than the other, it wouldn’t automatically mean that they can represent you better.

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