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The COVID pandemic has dramatically impacted every aspect of daily life in Colorado, including how a suspected DUI is handled.  Learn how a Local DUI Attorney can help you navigate this process.

What Has Changed If You Are Suspected of DUI?

Normally, when a person is pulled over for a suspected DUI, they are required to take a roadside sobriety test or submit to a breathalyzer test to determine their level of impairment level via a blood alcohol test. If the person requests it, they can refuse the roadside test and instead opt for a blood test, which is done in a clinical setting. In Colorado, based on adherence to social distancing protocols and concern for the health of law enforcement officers, a number of law enforcement agencies have decided to forgo offering a breathalyzer test in favor of delivering the driver to a facility for a blood test.

How Does the Testing Method Impact Your DUI Case?

By requiring all persons suspected of DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while impaired) to submit to a blood alcohol test, a person suspected of DUI is losing their right to choose their testing method as set by statute and normal practice. The breathalyzer testing protocol has a higher margin of error and results can easily be skewed by use of other products containing alcohol such as mouthwash gums containing alcohol-based sugars. A blood test is generally more accurate however it is a much more invasive procedure. Subjects in drunk driving cases deserve the right to choose their method of testing and not be required to submit to a blood test. This practice can block your rights as a defendant as well as potentially impact the ultimate outcome of your case.

Maher & Maher Law, PC: DUI Defense Experts

The attorneys of Maher & Maher are highly experienced Colorado DUI attorneys and have successfully defended cases in which law enforcement agencies have refused to allow individuals their right to their choice of testing when suspected of drunk driving. As former prosecutors, they have worked closely with law enforcement….know the language and protocols…..and work hard to deliver a successful outcome to all DUI cases. If you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, having the right legal team in your corner can help you avoid or minimize criminal penalties. Call Maher & Maher Law, PC today for a free consultation. (719) 301-7500