What constitutes a personal injury case? How do you know if your case is worth pursuing? Can you do it yourself? When should you consult a personal injury attorney?

Consider a scenario where your daughter was injured in an automobile collision and suffers gashes on her head and face, remarkably painful and bad on the surface. But will those gashes heal without medical intervention? Or will your daughter suffer permanent disfigurement or need some sort of plastic surgery to return her physical features to normal?

Consider the additional consequences. Has your daughter suffered any sort of unseen internal injury? Could she have any sort of long-term physical impairments? Will her ability to accomplish simple tasks or even more complex cognitive functions be impacted? This young woman doesn’t yet have her driver’s license. Will she face emotional impacts from the accident? Will she be confident in learning to drive so that she can obtain her driver’s license and become fully independent? Will this automobile accident impact her future educational and career choices? Will she need any sort of long-term care or support to ensure she has the life she deserves? What is the total net impact of this accident on her life?

As a parent, you absolutely want what’s best for your daughter, but you also want to be reasonable and fair. You, no doubt are a well-educated professional willing to negotiate with the insurance company and come to a quick resolution for your daughter so she can move on with he childhood. We encourage you to take a breath and seek more information before you do so.

Why hire an experienced professional personal injury lawyer? Kris Miller has years of experience in the field. He knows insurance companies, knows the law and knows professionals in the medical industry who can help provide his clients the support and care they need to ensure they get the right diagnosis when determining long term physical, emotional and financial impacts of an automobile accident. It’s critical to look at each client’s situation in-depth and review all potential impacts before accepting a settlement. Kris knows that the insurance company’s goal is to settle as quickly as possible….for as little as possible.

Every parent wants what’s right for their child and an automobile accident does not have to derail their life or their future. A free consultation with a highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorney can ensure that an automobile accident is a minor speed bump on their child’s road to independence.

Call Kris Miller at 719-301-7500 or text at 719-424-0057 to discuss your situation. Kris will provide you the best consultation and help you develop a roadmap to get you what you deserve – and give you peace of mind.