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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from an external physical impact to the head, resulting in an alteration in brain function. TBI’s have been in the news over the past several years, mostly in discussions revolving around youth, recreational and professional sports injuries involving concussions. But TBIs can also occur under other circumstances, in particular as a result of an automobile accident. We often think of traumatic brain injuries as mild when they are referred to as “concussions”. Concussions are, at a minimum, a mild form of TBI. Mild forms of TBI cause temporary symptoms that usually go away a few days or weeks after the injury. However, just because the injury is categorized as “mild”, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The most severe TBIs can cause permanent brain damage, coma, or death. Up to 15% of people with a concussion diagnosis may have lasting symptoms, but early medical intervention can significantly decrease the likelihood of experiencing lasting symptoms. When you been injured in an automobile accident, time is of the essence in connecting you with the appropriate medical professionals to determine the level of damage as well as identifying appropriate treatment options. Additionally, it’s critical to seek the advice of medical professionals with a high degree of experience and effectiveness in treating TBIs.

TBIs can be challenging to identify and diagnose as well as to determine anticipated long-term effects and impacts. An undiagnosed TBI can impact your career, your income and your physical, social and emotional well-being. Your insurance company may want to ignore the possibility of a life-altering TBI while seeking the lowest-cost, fastest settlement to your case. Don’t take this kind of a chance with your future.

You Need an Experienced, Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney

Kris Miller has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and knows experts in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury. He’ll work with you to connect you with the medical professionals that can assess your injuries to determine the appropriate course of treatment as well as identify potential long-term care solutions and impacts to your life. You’ll need experts in your corner as you recover physically, emotionally and financially from your injuries. Don’t take chances with you and your family’s future. Call Kris Miller at 719-301-7500 or text at 719-424-0057 for a free consultation. Kris will listen to your situation and help you examine your options. Don’t settle for less. Get what you deserve.

Concussions occur with and without a loss of consciousness. Additional signs and symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Irritability
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Visual or hearing disturbances
  • Difficulty concentrating

Your Personal Injury Lawyer is Your Partner and Advocate

Every case is different and while every experienced attorney can give you their opinion and insight as to the merits and potential success of your case, no attorney can guarantee results. Your attorney should listen carefully to your story and ask you detailed, insightful questions that can help inform the legal strategy for your case. You should feel comfortable discussing all the details of your case with your attorney and you should expect your attorney to treat you with respect, honesty and full transparency. A professional personal injury attorney will provide you with full details as to their fee structure, communication pathways and resources at his or her firm so that you can feel confident your questions will be answered in a timely manner. By doing the necessary due diligence before you choose your personal injury attorney partner, you’ll avoid complications and problems that can arise when your personal injury lawyer is not a fit for you or your case.

What’s Next?

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