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Most everyone who drives a vehicle pays for automobile insurance. The money paid to insurance companies is meant to protect you if you are injured in an accident whether you are at fault or the other driver is. The insurance company is bound to pay for both property damage to vehicles as well as physical injury to drivers and passengers.


An insurance company is a financial company, beholden to stockholders and investors. Billions of dollars each year flow through insurance companies. Just like some of the games in Las Vegas, insurance can be seen as a “sucker bet”. The insurance company is betting you WON’T have an accident and you are betting you WILL. The insurance company generally holds all the cards in that they determine what they will and won’t pay in the event of an accident and they employ thousands of people nationwide to help minimize their financial exposure when a covered accident does occur. If you are at fault in an accident, they raise your rates. If you are a good driver they don’t lower your rates. Their financial model hinges on charging you the highest rates they can while minimizing their payouts to customers. They are not necessarily operating in your best interest at all times.


If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may find the insurance company will offer you the lowest amount possible to mitigate property damage and for medical injuries. A good attorney can help you through that process and can help you receive the compensation you are due. Medical injuries can leave lifelong scars and require multiple medical treatments including surgeries, physical therapies and pain management protocols. Your vehicle may be destroyed and you may need support to rebuild a career. The insurance company’s settlement may leave you with thousands in medical bills and property damage to your vehicle and other property.

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The attorneys of Maher & Maher Law have years of experience successfully fighting insurance companies to do what’s right for their clients. If you’ve been in an accident, you may be dealing with both property damage and medical issues. Having the right attorney in your corner can mean the difference between getting your life back and a lifetime of medical bills. The professional, experienced attorneys at Maher & Maher Law KNOW the law, KNOW insurance companies and FIGHT for you. This is too important to go it on your own. Work with a professional attorney, experienced in personal injury law. Call (719.301.7500) or text (719.424.0057) Maher & Maher Law today for a free consultation.