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The penalties following a DUI conviction can include jail time, community service, probation, paying for fines that can go up to a thousand dollars, and the loss of driving privileges. On the bright side, there are many instances when a violator can reinstate their license and driving privileges after their arrest.


But this comes with a lot of conditions, including installing an ignition interlock device (IID) on the offender’s vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about it:


What Are IIDs Used For?

Ignition interlock devices (IID) or interlock systems are alcohol breath tester devices, and they are similar to breathalyzers in appearance. The only distinct difference in their function is that IIDs are installed in one’s vehicle, and it requires the driver’s breath to be 100% alcohol-free (or below the preset limit) for the car engine to start.


Contrary to popular belief, interlock ignition devices aren’t reserved exclusive for those with DUI cases. Anyone can voluntarily have it installed in their car if they please. For instance, some parents install an interlock system on their children’s cars to prevent them from driving drunk.


How Does It Work?

Before a person can start driving, they first need to blow or breathe on their IID. Their breath should be alcohol-free or below the threshold set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the engine to start.


Apart from the initial breath test, IIDs also require additional breath analyzer tests during the entire ride. These repeated tests ensure that the driver remains sober throughout the trip.

Most IIDs will not know the difference between liquors and other personal items that contain alcohol, like an alcohol-based mouthwash. So it’s best to avoid them to get favorable IID results. IIDs can also detect perfumes, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, so it’s better not to use them while in the car.


Are Interlock Ignition Devices Free?

The cost of the installation and rental, as well as the maintenance of an interlock ignition device, will be shouldered by the drivers. If they can’t afford to pay for the installation’s full cost, they may get financial assistance from the state subject to eligibility requirements.


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