According to the Center for Disease Control over 1 million drivers were charged with driving under the influence (DUI). DUI lawyers stay very busy defending people charged with driving under the influence.

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is strongly recommended that you get the support of experienced DUI lawyers on your side. Dealing with the fallout from a DUI conviction can profoundly change your life.


Why Everyone Charged Needs DUI Lawyers

First, we have to address the fact that whether it is your very first charge for driving under the influence or not, the repercussions can be tremendous. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they do not need a DUI attorney to represent them because it is their first charge. Do not make that mistake.

Whether this is your first charge or not you need to be represented in court to get the best possible outcome. The repercussions of these types of charges hangs in the balance and often depends on:

  • The judge you go before
  • The circumstances of the charge
  • The District Attorney assigned to the case
  • The level of detail in the police officer’s investigation

There are many factors outside your control when it comes to the outcome of your case. Walking into a courtroom without a DUI attorney Colorado Springs court personnel recognize and respect can affect your case negatively.

An attorney that specializes as a DUI attorney, and that has established their reputation as an attorney that fights for their client’s rights can help you to get a better outcome in your case. There are far too many variables involved to try to handle this on your own.


The Real Cost of a Conviction

Losing your license, fines, and potential community probation is only part of the potential repercussions. Other repercussions can include:

  • Job loss, inability to secure employment
  • Paying higher insurance rates
  • Personal relationship problems, professional relationship problems, and more

A DUI conviction can mean losing your job, especially if one of your job requires you to maintain a driver’s license. You can have difficulty securing employment in the future. A DUI conviction can cost you for years to come.

Insurance companies charge a much higher premium for drivers that have a DUI conviction, and that can go on for up to five years. The higher cost is not a few dollars, it can be a few hundred dollars each month in additional charges.

If you are in the military, a DUI can mean an Article 15, it can mean other sanctions as well. Military members can also be discharged for a DUI conviction. A conviction can put a strain on personal relationships, professional relationships, and literally cost a small fortune.


Don’t risk it get the help of DUI lawyers that know how to fight these charges and get the best possible outcome. If you are faced with a DUI charge, contact the experienced lawyers at Maher & Maher Law, we will fight for you.