Unfortunately under Colorado law, child abuse can be charged in a criminal case when there has been no injury at all to the child. Often times in Colorado, it is charged when the children are merely present in the room during an argument among spouses or partners. It is important to understand in these situations that you are NOT being charged with harming your child, despite the “child abuse” count that has been brought against you.

However, that distinction does not alleviate the stigma that is attached to being charged with child abuse. For many employers, prospective employers or supervisors the allegation alone is enough of a red flag that they may not hire or may fire you based solely on the allegation. The only thing they see is that you have been charged with “CHILD ABUSE.” This can cause many issues in both professional and personal contexts. But remember this is just an allegation and there will be much more information and a higher level of proof required for any conviction.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative that you contact an attorney. A good lawyer will be able to evaluate your case to see if child abuse is a legitimate charge against you or if it was just tagged on to your case because there were children present during an argument or incident. Our attorneys are experts in child abuse allegations and have an excellent record of getting the frivolous charges dismissed for our clients.

The attorneys at Maher & Maher Law, are very familiar with the overcharging of child abuse in Colorado Courts and specifically in El Paso, Pueblo and Fremont counties. Maher & Maher Law will work hard on your behalf to get that label removed from your case and your life. Contact our attorneys today to get a fee one-hour consultation to discuss your rights and what we can do to help you move beyond this terrible charge that you don’t have to accept. Call us today at 719-301-7500 for a free one-hour consultation on your case.