At Maher & Maher Law, we focus on representing people who have been injured in car accidents in the Colorado Springs area. If you’ve been in a car accident, you may get a call -rather quickly-  from the other person’s insurance trying to settle your case.  They may even make you an offer that sounds pretty good and would at least cover the costs of your vehicle repairs. You may be tempted to just accept the offer because it’s much easier than trying to negotiate with an insurance company.

But, even if you’ve gotten this call and think it sounds fair, give Maher & Maher Law a call before you agree to anything.  We provide free one-hour consultations and can give you a personalized case evaluation right on the spot to let you know in our opinion if that settlement really is fair or more likely if the insurance company is trying to get your case closed out as quickly and low as possible.  We have clients who have seen that one call to Maher & Maher Law double and triple the amount the insurance company pays them.

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