Maher and Maher Law Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado Springs

Simply stated: you should hire the most aggressive and earnest local attorney that specializes in personal injury.

We believe every client deserves individual and unique attention to their case. We believe that every case calls for creativity and advocacy to a degree that looks obsessive. We believe that preparedness and diligence create good outcomes. We believe that every case deserves up at dawn vigilance and proactivity.

Our beliefs have been carved from decades of experience and a complete understanding of almost every case’s opponent: the insurance industrial complex. Generally speaking, your opponent is entwined in political and social systems to a degree that is not remotely fair to you. Your opponent is cagey. Your opponent knows politicians. Your opponent knows doctors. Your opponent owns skyscrapers. Your opponent has trillions of dollars. Your opponent lives on Wall Street. The resources available to your opponent are all but limitless. Nonetheless, your opponent would rather avoid giving you one red cent for your injury.

To use a personal injury attorney that is not laser focused on you and your case is to give the insurance industrial complex an advantage over one of the few things you can control: effective counsel. The most effective counsel in a personal injury case does not rely on a fleet of non-legal administrators to manage their cases. The most effective Personal Injury Lawyer does not represent an inordinately high number of other clients (100 or more, sometimes double that). The most effective Personal Injury Lawyer is beholden to your case and remains in the trenches with you until you are across the finish line.

We are committed to retrieving every penny you deserve, even if that means prying it from the clenched fist of the insurance industrial complex. Call us at Maher & Maher Law today, 719-301-7500. We are the personal injury legal team that will best fight for your rights…and to get you what you deserve.