DUI sentencing in Colorado is laid out in Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-1307.

An individual convicted of DUI in Colorado for the first time can expect a minimum jail term of 5 days in county jail to a maximum jail term of 365 days; however, the minimum jail term can be suspended if the person completes an alcohol and drug evaluation and completes the treatment program recommended in the evaluation.

Take note, however, that if an individual is convicted of a first time DUI and their blood alcohol content (BAC) is determined to be .200 or higher at the time of driving, the court is required to impose a mandatory minimum of 10 days jail and up to 365 days of jail. Alternatives to a term of incarceration are allowed for the mandatory jail period.

In addition to jail, a first time DUI offender can expect to serve 48 to 96 hours of useful public service (UPS) through a certified agency, serve up to two years of probation which can be supervised or unsupervised, and pay a fine of $600.00 to $1,000.00. The court can suspend the fine in its discretion. Finally, a court may require the convicted offender to attend a DUI victim impact panel.