If you are currently serving the military or receiving military benefits, and you were arrested for being a drunk driver in Colorado Springs, it’s important to act as quickly as possible and hire a DUI attorney right away. Failure to do so puts the following on the line:

Military Rank, Pay Scale, and Wage

If you’re serving the military and charged with a DUI, you may receive punitive actions imposed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, especially if you were arrested on base. These may include a rank demotion alongside a lower pay scale and wage which can hurt your finances, as DUI convictions also come with many fines and higher car insurance rates.

Military or Civilian Career

A DUI conviction may also indicate a possible discharge from the military, especially if the incident involved a loss of life. A dishonorable discharge will not only stain your reputation but could hinder you from building a civilian career as well as it’s not unlikely for employers to turn down applicants with criminal records.

Military Benefits

If ever you are convicted of DUI and/or discharged from the military, your benefits may be taken from you as well. This means that you may no longer be entitled to enlistment bonuses, tuition assistance programs, housing, health and dental care benefits, and more.

Although the consequences of being arrested for DUI and being convicted by the civilian court can be tough, it doesn’t mean that you will be reprimanded by the military right away if at all.

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If ever you are arrested for DUI in Colorado, it is a must to hire a Colorado Springs DUI attorney immediately. Your lawyer can make a huge difference in mitigating and potentially dismissing any military or civilian consequences you might face.

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