Our team at Maher & Maher Law wishes you a happy and joyous holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2022! The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones both nearby and far away. We recognize that alcohol is often a part of those most cherished holiday tastes and traditions and we encourage you to celebrate to the fullest! Knowing when to say when can be tricky, so we’d like to offer you these tips to stay safe and avoid any sort of driving-under-the-influence charge this holiday season.

At the most basic level, we recommend that if you are drinking, please do not plan to drive. We get it, it seems like it’s just one or two drinks, it’s the holiday season, everyone is out, “I know my limits”. But do understand that law enforcement ALSO knows that it’s the season for holiday parties and drinking and that they anticipate an increased number of drivers under the influence and increase enforcement accordingly. Don’t let your cherished holiday traditions create a legal case that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars, your drivers license or your career.

Don’t drink and drive! Consider these alternatives to driving yourself home from a holiday party or gathering.

Take a cab or rideshare. The cost of a cab or rideshare such as Lyft or Uber is minimal compared to the long-term costs and consequences of a DUI. Consider pre-booking your ride for a designated time at the end of the event to avoid the temptation to drive yourself. Even if you feel like you’re fine, your judgement may be somewhat impaired at the end of the evening and having a driver waiting for you can eliminate the temptation to start your own vehicle. No matter how much or how little you’ve had to drink, you could still exceed the legal limit for driving safely.

Identify a safe designated driver in advance of the gathering. The best designated driver is one who plans not to drink at all – for your safety and theirs. When you’re planning your holiday festivities, perhaps considering “trading” designated driving duties with a trusted friend. You can split the events for which each of you will be the “drinker” versus the “driver”. It’s a great way to ensure you’ll both have a fun and safe holiday season.

Expand the holiday celebration to include an overnight stay with friends or at a hotel. The holidays are a great time to enjoy a longer time with friends and family. If you plan to imbibe, an overnight stay is a great way to further enjoy your holiday while ensuring you’ll have time enough to recover to ensure you’re safe to drive.

Over the years, people have tried to “game” the system with “rules” about a glass of water for every mixed drink, only drinking one drink per hour or other ways to “guarantee” they will remain safe to drive. Remember, the only way to be 100% sober and safe to drive is not to drink.

However you choose to spend your holidays, we wish you the best and brightest holiday season ever. The professional, experienced DUI attorneys at Maher & Maher Law are honored to continue to serve you and your family and friends. Our team has years of experience in DUI law and a successful track record of delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients. You can reach us 24/7 at 719-301-7500 (call) or 719-424-0057 (text).