While any professional DUI attorney will have years of experience and will have defended and litigated multiple courtroom cases, Joe Maher is taking additional steps to learn about the science of blood alcohol tests and how it may impact YOUR DUI case. Blood tests in DUI cases are not always accurate and it’s important for your attorney to have all the tools in his or her toolkit to help provide you the best defense possible.

In 2009, the National Academy of Sciences recognized a need for reform in the field, stating that “Forensic science facilities exhibit wide variability in capacity, oversight, staffing, certification, and accreditation across federal and state jurisdictions. Too often they have inadequate educational programs, and they typically lack mandatory and enforceable standards, founded on rigorous research and testing, certification requirements, and accreditation programs.”

Hence the need for a professional DUI attorney to explore the science of the DUI blood test to help provide for the best possible defense strategy. Joe Maher is currently taking a nationally-accredited course in forensic gas chromatography, the science of studying the blood to determine various components and contaminants. Fewer than a handful of DUI attorneys in the state of Colorado have committed the time to follow this field of study. Joe believes it’s an important facet to add to Maher & Maher Law’s Practice. “When the measure of a minimal prosecutable offense lies in just .05% blood alcohol content,” says Joe, “we believe it’s our duty to have as much knowledge as we can to be able to fight inaccurate test results to secure justice for our clients.”

Joe has been traveling to Chicago to attend a nationally-recognized program that provides attorneys insight into the testing process, how to identify flawed tests and how to leverage that in a successful defense strategy. The comprehensive training takes place over multiple weekends and is successfully completed by a small percentage of DUI lawyers nationwide.

Your career, your freedom and your family are too important to risk. If you’re facing a DUI charge, call Joe and his team and learn about the comprehensive tools, knowledge and experience at Maher & Maher Law that can help you successfully resolve your case. They’re available 24/7 – call 719-301-7500 or text 719-424-0057.