The state of Colorado is very stern in implementing DUI laws. Apart from not having a lookback period for prior DUI cases, they also arrest people for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol while riding a bicycle. So before you ride your bike home after having a few bottles of beer, here’s everything you need to know:


How Can You Get a DUI on a Bike in Colorado?

Under Colorado’s DUI laws, whether a person is driving a truck or bicycle, if they’re drunk while doing so, they can be arrested for DUI in Colorado. To be more precise, a rider can face charges for DWAI or driving while ability impaired when their blood alcohol content or BAC reaches 0.05% to 0.08%.


But, if a bicycle rider’s BAC is higher than 0.08%, then they will be charged with a DUI. Offenders under 21 years old will only need a minimum BAC of 0.02% to be arrested for DUI.


Penalties for DUI on a Bike in Colorado

Most people tend to underestimate the consequences of riding their bikes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They need to understand that they will still likely face the same penalties if they were caught while driving an actual car.


Possible consequences for DUI on a bike include mandatory community service of 24 to 120 hours and fines ranging from $600 to $1,500. Offenders may also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their bicycles. And, depending on the severity of the incident– if the cyclist caused serious injury to another person–and if they have prior DUIs, they may also face jail time.


In What Scenarios Can You Get a DUI?

DUI on bicycles isn’t that common. So the chances of an officer stopping a bicycle rider for a standardized field sobriety test or breathalyzer test are very slim. A rider would really have to act suspicious enough for them to be confronted by law enforcement. Here are some scenarios that can get you a DUI on a bike in Colorado:

  • Carrying extra passengers on your bicycle
  • Riding your bicycle hands-free
  • Grabbing or holding on to other moving vehicles
  • Impeding traffic
  • Doing daredevil stunts on the road
  • Damaging other vehicles or private or government property
  • Failing to ride in the right-hand lane

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