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Anytime someone is charged with a crime in Colorado, mandatory Criminal Protection Orders are issued in the case. These orders automatically happen in every criminal case that is filed in El Paso, Fremont, Douglas and Pueblo Counties. You will be notified of the criminal order and its restrictions at your first court appearance.

These mandatory protection orders are commonly referred to as “criminal protection orders” because they stem out of criminal cases. They are in place to protect any witnesses or victims in the case that has been filed against you. Usually they require, at a minimum, that you not “harass or intimidate” any of the witnesses in your criminal case. But they can also require that you have no contact with the victims or witnesses or even that you move out of your own home. Obviously, these restraints can be very burdensome for you at a time when your criminal defense is already a huge load to carry. It is far too common for criminal defendants and even some Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers to overlook the importance of a criminal protection order.

Just as with civil protection orders, criminal protection orders must be very closely followed. If you violate the criminal protection order in any way in Colorado Springs, you can be charged with a new case and a new crime. Violation of protection order charges are often very easy for the prosecution to prove in the age of text messaging, video doorbells and surveillance cameras.

At Maher & Maher Law, our attorneys understand their significance both to you and your case. As part of our representation on every criminal case in Colorado Springs, Fremont, Douglas and Pueblo counties, we include any motions or modifications that need to be made to that criminal protection order for your benefit. Don’t underestimate the importance of this area of your criminal defense. Call Maher & Maher Law now to speak with an experienced attorney who can guide you through this process and make sure to set you up for success in all aspects of your criminal case. 719-301-7500