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If someone has been convicted for DUI, the court will sentence them to a list of penalties. These will depend on the gravity of their case and if the offense is a first one or repeated. One of the penalties can be probation.


Probation is an alternative to jail time wherein the convicted can remain in their community instead and follow court-ruled orders. Here are other things you need to know about DUI probation in Colorado:


There Are Two Types of Probation

The most common type among the two is called “supervised probation,” which is often mandatory. Sobriety is monitored through various requirements, such as supervised chemical testing commonly referred to as UAs (urinalysis) and BAs (breath analysis.


An offender is assigned a probation officer and must communicate with and attend probation meetings. In the state of Colorado, first-time offenders usually sentences to a minimum of two years of probation. In comparison, repeating offenders may be required to complete up to four years of probation.


The second type of probation is called “unsupervised probation.” Under this scenario, the offender will still be required to finish their sentencing requirements such as sobriety, community service, classes, etc., as imposed by the judge. The main difference is the offender does not need to report to a probation officer. They are essentially their own supervisors and must report their progress on requirements to the court directly.


Other Differences Between Supervised and Unsupervised Probation

Apart from those differences mentioned above, supervised probation is generally more costly than unsupervised probation as it requires the offender to pay supervision fees and other related payments. In unsupervised probation, offenders do not report to a probation office and in some cases may not need permission from the court to leave the state.


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