We’ve all seen the commercials for personal injury cases. “My attorney got me $25,000……$50,000……$100,000…..” Happy clients touting cash settlements and happy resolutions. But there can be another side to every personal injury case. There’s so much more to a successful resolution to a personal injury case. The right attorney can mean the difference between a partial solution that provides the client with an immediate financial settlement but leaves them stranded later on with undiagnosed and hidden medical issues and uncovered medical bills.

Kris Miller recently worked with an auto accident client to recover a $250,000 cash settlement but also provided guidance for the client to obtain traditional medical coverage to help pay for surgeries as well as support future medical issues.

The right personal injury attorney can help a client determine his or her best course of action. It’s important to connect with a personal injury lawyer immediately following an auto or other accident to retain your rights as well as preserve your options for the right treatment for you and anyone else involved in the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you connect with medical professionals who can help you determine the appropriate course of treatment and advise you on your options not only for compensation for the accident but also for payments for medical treatments.

Kris Miller is an experienced and empathetic advocate for you and your family. Kris will walk you through the case, stay in constant contact with you to help you determine next steps and will advise you as to the best options to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to. Clearly,  Kris knows the legal system and will provide the best legal insight and expertise. But Kris also understands the medical and insurance systems and will provide support to help you connect with the appropriate medical professionals and payment support resources to minimize your out-of-pocket expense through this traumatic time.

You’ve been hurt in an accident and you’re facing so many next steps. From medical visits and bills to fixing your car to managing lost time at work and caring for your family. You need strong legal support in your corner now more than ever. Call Kris Miller – he’s available 24/7 at 719-301-7500 and you can text him at 719-424-0057. Tell him your story and he will take it from there. It’s the best phone call you’ll ever make.

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